Target group

working environment specialists, working environment commissioners and members of the working environment council. Middle managers and employers who themselves perform the duties of a working environment specialist in their company, as well as all other people interested in topics related to the working environment.


Mari-Liis Štrik-Ott
Mari-Liis Štrik-Ott


The organization of occupational health and safety in the company is regulated by the "Occupational Health and Safety Act" (new version from 01.04.2023), which obliges the employer to enable the elected working environment commissioners and appointed members of the working environment council to undergo occupational health and safety training within two months of their appointment at the latest. Our occupational health and safety training is prepared in accordance with the occupational health and safety training and continuing education procedure established by the Ministry of Social Affairs on 22.11.2018. a with Regulation No. 50 "Procedure of training and further training of working environment commissioner, working environment council member and first aider in further training institution". The training is also suitable for initial training for a beginning work environment specialist.

Topics covered

  • preventive activities of the employer at the workplace, including instruction and training of employees, ergonomics and adaptation of workplaces
  • organization of health examinations and provision of other occupational health services
  • risk factors and risk analysis of the working environment, including the identification of risk factors and the measurement of their parameters, the assessment of health risks arising from risk factors and the planning of activities for the prevention or reduction of health risks
  • taking into account the risk groups of employees (minors, pregnant women, disabled employees) in the work environment
  • informing and involving employees and the role and tasks of the work environment specialist, the work environment commissioner and the work environment council
  • the organization of first aid
  • action in the event of an accident hazard and an accident
  • notification of and investigation of accidents at work and work-related illnesses
  • state supervision of occupational health and safety

What you will learn?

  • Knows the obligations, rights and responsibilities of the employer and the employee
  • Can prepare the company's occupational health and safety action plan
  • Recognizes the risk factors of the working environment, assesses their possible impact on health
  • Knows the basic measures to make the working environment healthier
  • Knows how to act in the event of an accident at work
  • Can prepare a risk analysis
  • Knows the risk factors of the work environment and knows how to avoid them


The training ends with a test, and a certificate is issued to those who successfully pass it.

Length of training

Lecture 24 acad hours

Price contains

training, study materials, certificate

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