Target group

Managers who want to grow their credibility and be ready to manage the talents of the future

Topics covered

  • The training is based on nine leadership habits developed by John Blakey to help improve a leader’s relationships, reputation, and performance.
  • Training helps to be a more transparent and reliable leader.
  • The focus of the training is on the future, and in addition to improving the habits of one’s leader, one learns to understand the talents of the future in order to be ready to lead them as well.

What you will learn?

  • Learns to develop new management practices
  • Knows ways to gain trust
  • Knows practical models for the implementation of each of the nine management habits
  • Knows how to find out the reliability coefficient of each manager and find ways to increase it

Length of training

4 academic hours
Internal training

Length of training

4 academic hours

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