It is not a theoretical lecture, but a practical workshop-style training, which focuses on the most important topics and problems that managers face in their daily work, with the aim of helping managers successfully deal with them. During the training, practical exercises are done for each topic to apply new knowledge.

Topics covered

    First two days (16 academic hours)

  • Manager’s roles and goals
  • Leadership skills
  • Goal setting and communication to the team
  • Effective communication in people management
  • Conducting a feedback interview
  • Self and time management. How to plan activities effectively? How to successfully deal with time wasters?
  • Self analysis and leader's personal development plan
  • Introduction to coaching
  • Coaching as management/leadership tool
  • Second two days (16 academic hours)

  • Improving manager's communication skills
  • Delegation
  • Self-assertment
  • Motivation
  • Psychological self-management
  • Third day (8 academic hours)

  • Communication in tense situations
  • Preparing for difficult conversations
  • Conduct of negotiations

What you will learn?

  • Can formulate measurable and realistic goals and knows useful work techniques on how to agree on goals with the employee
  • Knows different ways of communication, how to create a positive atmosphere in conversations
  • Knows the principles of time management
  • Orients on the possibilities of applying coaching as a management tool
  • Orients himself in the techniques of self-analysis of the manager's skills
  • Understands how to make an action plan to develop your own leaders skills
  • Knows the parts of the delegation process and the different ways to delegate tasks
  • Can analyze team motivation factors and knows different non-financial motivation options
  • Orients itself in conflict resolution strategies and on the basis of which to choose the most suitable one
  • Knows the main aspects that need to be paid attention to when conducting negotiations

Length of training

8 - 40 academic hours
Internal training

Length of training

8 - 40 academic hours