Continuing education institution Juunika Koolitus OÜ with registry code 10835266 has been registered in the Estonian Education Information System as an adult continuing education institution (Notice of Economic Activities No 218222 in Adult Education).

1.     General provisions

1.1 Juunika Koolitus OÜ (hereinafter JK) organises work-related continuing education aimed at adults.

1.2 The activities of JK are in compliance with the Adult Education Act, adult education quality assurance guide for adult continuing education institutions, guide for developing a continuing education curriculum, Continuing Education Standard, and the principles of organisation of studies drawn up by the institution.

1.3 Continuing education classes take place in rooms suitable for study. In-work training takes place in the premises of the client or in rented rooms.

1.4 Classes take place all year round. Training sessions take place according to the training calendar.

1.5 The volume of training is expressed in academic hours, where one academic hour equals 45 minutes.

1.6 Training sessions usually take place in groups. Individual classes are given based on an individual curriculum designed to meet the needs of the learner.

1.7 Classes take place in Estonian, Russian, or English.

1.8 Classes take place according to the timetable published on the JK website.

1.9 JK shall not be held responsible for learners’ health condition or possible injuries.

2. Educator quality assurance

2.1 Training courses are conducted by educators who are recognised in their respective fields and who have both theoretical and practical professional competence.

2.2 Educators continuously engage in professional development related to their field and to training.

2.3 JK shall not be held responsible for any damage caused to participants by educator’s presentation skills.

3. Principles of curriculum quality assurance

3.1. The curricula are drawn up based on the continuing education needs of Estonian companies and their employees, and they are changed on an ongoing basis based on the continuing education needs of companies and changes in working life and legislation.

3.2 The curricula are based, inter alia, on the feedback of past courses and the need of the participants to acquire knowledge and skills to organise their work better.

3.3 Training is carried out using modern methods and based on the wishes and the level of the training group.

3.4 Information provided in the JK public continuing education curricula:

·  the title of the curriculum;

·  the curriculum group;

·  the learning objective;

·  the learning outcomes;

·  the basis for drawing up the curriculum;

·  the target group;

·  the language of instruction;

·  the requirements to be met for the commencement of studies, if they are a prerequisite for the accomplishment of the learning outcomes;

·  the total volume of studies, including the proportions of classroom, practical and independent work;

·  the content of studies;

·  a description of the study environment;

·  the learning method;

·  a list of study materials if these are intended for the completion of the curriculum;

·  the conditions for completion and the documents to be issued;

·  a description of the qualifications, learning or work experience required for the provision of the continuing education under the particular curriculum. 

4. Quality of the learning facilities

4.1 JK training generally takes place in training rooms that meet modern requirements. Continuing education courses may also take place in less traditional facilities if this is required by the content and format of the course.

4.2 JK ensures that training materials are accessible on paper or in an electronic format to all participants who have registered on time. 

4.3 The availability of lunch and coffee breaks is subject to each JK course. Further information is provided in each course description. Lunch and coffee breaks are not included in the course fees for in-work training courses, unless otherwise specified. 

4.4 Participants have access to Internet at JK training rooms (Riia 35, Tartu, and Pärnu mnt 139c, Tallinn). Internet access in other training facilities may differ. 

4.5 Training rooms are fitted with modern training equipment (data projector, whiteboard, markers, writing instruments, note papers, etc.). 

4.6 JK training group sizes differ depending on each course. 

5. Customer communication 

5.1 The main language of customer communication is Estonian, with Russian and English available on request. 

5.2 Customer service contact details are available on the JK website. We generally respond as soon as possible but no later than in two working days. 

5.3 You can also contact us via the JK Facebook page. 

5.4 If you have any complaints or questions, please contact JK customer service. 

6. Procedure for collecting feedback on continuing education courses 

6.1 At the end of each course, JK collects feedback from participants about the organisation of the training, the rooms, the educator, and the content of the training. Participants can make suggestions to help improve the courses. In the case of longer training courses, feedback is also collected during the course. JK asks the educators as well for feedback.  

6.2 Feedback can be given anonymously. 

6.3 Feedback is generally collected electronically. 

6.4 The feedback form contains clearly formulated evaluation scales, as well as open-ended questions to evaluate different aspects (reaction, learning, use, impact, and results). 

6.5 Relevant changes and additions are made based on the feedback to maintain the quality of the curricula, educators, and organisation of studies. 

7. Privacy policy and processing of personal data 

7.1 Privacy policy and rules for processing personal data can be found on the JK website: 

8. Dispute resolution procedure 

8.1 Disagreements and disputes between JK and a participant or educator shall be resolved primarily by negotiations. If the disagreements cannot be resolved by negotiations, the dispute will be settled in Tartu County Court.

Further information:
Tel +372 744 9600