Juunika Koolitus on välja töötanud uuendusliku digitaalse järelõppe abilise SOPHIA.

  • Sophia aitab oluliselt koolituste tõhustust tõsta!
  • Sophia annab koolitusel osalejatele peale koolituse lõppu väikese ajaperioodi jooksul mõned lihtsad ülesanded.
  • Osalejad saavad neid lahendada endale sobival ajal arvutis või nutiseadmes.
  • Peale lahendamist näitab Sophia neile ka võimalikku õiget lahendust või lahenduskäiku.

Selline kiire tagasisidetsükkel aitab koolitusel õpitut paremini meeles hoida ja tööellu juurutada.

Juunika Koolitus on lisamas järk järgult Sophia kasutamise võimalust kõigile oma koolitustele.

Kui soovid Sophiaga lähemalt tutvust teha või hinnapakkumust küsida, võta meiega ühendust!

Over 20 years of training experience

The mission of the Juunika team

The aim of Juunika Koolitus is to support as a long - term professional partner and encourage the continuous development of professionals, managers and organizations. We have a desire and the ability to have a substantive dialogue with the client when planning training, leading to both needs identification and satisfaction. When choosing a trainer, it is useful to evaluate the trainer as a potential development partner of the organization.

As a good development partner, we are confident in ourselves and what we offer, and at the same time understand the customer specificities and legitimate wishes.


A safe workplace

  • A healthy employee
  • Lowering the risks
  • Fewer accidents at work
  • Compliance with the law
  • Safety training
  • Risk analyzes
  • Work environment audit
  • Preparation of necessary documentation

Motivated team

  • A happy employee
  • Higher productivity
  • Lower labor turnover
  • Wide range of trainings for professionals and managers
  • Training and study trips
  • Better organizational culture

Achieving business goals

  • Turnover and profit growth
  • Launching new markets
  • Faster organizational and team development
  • Mapping training needs
  • Preparation and implementation of an action plan
  • Coaching managers and teams

Professional partnership

  • Introduction of innovative solutions
  • Long-term cooperation
  • Fast, smooth and high-quality organization and customer service
  • Flexible and personal approach
  • Self-service and training management environment

Why choose Juunika Training?

  • We are one of the largest private institutions offering in-service training in Estonia. We have over 20 years of success training experience. In 2017 and 2018, our contribution to lifelong learning was over 17,000 people training.
  • Our trainings take place regularly in all counties. We are suitable as a training partner for small as well as larger companies operating all over Estonia.
  • We react quickly to what is happening in legislation, economy and society and offer you trainings on topical topics.
  • When planning training, we always proceed from the client's needs and wishes to put together the best training for you. Customer satisfaction and feedback are very important to us. Our team always tries to make your training even better.
  • We have developed an all-Estonian network of trainers. Our trainers are experts in their field and have a long practical experience, they can make the material you learn clear to you using vital examples.
  • We conduct trainings in Estonian, Russian, Finnish and English.