Lecturers: Ruta Uibo
In english
Classroom training
24.-25. Sep 2024


kell 10:00 - 16:30
Tallinn, Karamelli 2
(7. korrus)

Target group

Company first aiders, sports coaches, kindergarten, childcare workers and others who need in-service first aid training every 3 years. All other interested parties are also welcome.

The employer must appoint at least one first-aider among the employees to provide first aid. Basis: Occupational Health and Safety Act, § 132.

The employer shall refer the first aider to in-service training every three years. First aid training is intended for Ministry of Social Affairs Regulation No. 50 (11/22/2018) 'working environment representatives, environment council member and a first aid provider and refresher training once training centers'

Ministry of Social Affairs Regulation No. 61 (24.09.2010) "Health Requirements for pre-school in the promotion of health and the day plan" provides that educators and teacher support staff must have the skills to provide first aid to children.


The purpose of in-service training is to repeat and deepen the knowledge and skills acquired during the training course.

Topics covered

  • Assessment of the accident situation, action in the event of an accident (including coping with panic) and calling for emergency assistance, assessment of the condition of the victim (including dangers related to the change of position of the victim), nature and general principles of first aid, specific features of outdoor assistance, prevention of further health damage
  • Life-threatening conditions, their recognition and essential actions (including in case of heart attack, stroke and lung injury)
  • First aid in case of unconsciousness - ensuring free airways, prevention of brain damage caused by lack of oxygen, removal of foreign body from airways, resuscitation (incl. Use of resuscitation apparatus AED)
  • Selection and use of first aid equipment in the workplace
  • First aid for injuries - superficial and deep injuries, internal and external haemorrhage, hemostasis techniques, wound dressing techniques and rules, fracture hazards, necrosis rules and necrosis hazards, joint injuries (including dislocations and sprains), various sprains and sprains, eye damage
  • First aid for drowning, poisoning, corrosion, burns, frostbite and electric shock
  • The nature of medical shock and assistance to the victim in a state of shock
  • First aid in case of sudden illness (eg epileptic seizure, diabetic coma, anaphylactic shock, syncope, asthma attack, abdominal pain)

What you will learn?

  • Assess the victim's condition and choose first aid tactics
  • Uses the right resuscitation techniques
  • Stops bleeding and helps the shock victim
  • Knows the dangers of fractures, can fix the victim's joint
  • Provides assistance in case of poisoning, burns, burns and frost damage
  • Takes into account the safety of oneself and others when providing first aid


The training will end with the test and final practical exercise. A certificate recognized by Labor Inspectorate, ARK and other institutions will be issued to those who have successfully completed the training.

Length of training

Auditory lecture with practical tasks for a total of 8 academic hours.

Price contains

Classroom training, practical workshops, study materials, certificate, coffee break.

NB! We kindly ask participants to wear comfortable clothing for practical workshops (including resuscitation).