Lecturers: Ruta Uibo
In english
Classroom training
kell 10:00 - 16:30
Tallinn, Karamelli 2
(7. korrus)

Target group

First-aid refresher course is suitable for trained first-aiders in organisations, coaches, for teachers of pre-school child care institutions, their assisting staff  and other professions, who need a mandatory first aid training refreshment every three years. All other people intrested in first aid are also welcome.

The refresher first aid course is mandated by the Estonian Ministry of Social Affairs regulation 50 (22.11.2018) – there must be a first aid-trained employee at every office. The employer must send the first aid provider for a refresher course every three years.


The objective of refresher course is: to repeat, refresh and deepen the knowledge and skills acquired during the first aid basic 16-hour training course.

Topics covered

  • Principles of work of Ambulance and Emergency Call Center
  • Evaluation of patient`s condition and situation
  • Resuscitation of adults, using AED
  • The features of paediatric resuscitation
  • Chocking
  • Drowning
  • Burns
  • Allergies, anaphylaxis
  • Seizures
  • Heart attack
  • Strokes and brain hemorrhages
  • Diabetes
  • Poisoning, CO intoxication
  • Injuries and wounds

What you will learn?

  • Evaluates the condition of the victim and chooses the right tactic for the first aid
  • Uses correct resuscitation techniques
  • Stops the bleeding and helps the casualty in shock condition
  • Knows the dangers of fractures, knows how to immobilize the victim's proximities
  • Assists with poisoning, burns, chemical burns and cold injuries
  • Takes into account safety and security of him/herself, the victim and others when providing first aid


The training will end with the test and final practical exercise. A certificate recognized by Labor Inspectorate, ARK and other institutions will be issued to those who have successfully completed the training.

Length of training

A classroom lecture with practical tasks for a total of 8 academic hours.

Price contains

Classroom training, practical workshops, study materials, certificate, coffee break.

NB! We kindly ask participants to wear comfortable clothing for practical workshops (including resuscitation).